Engineering and design

Your safety is our responsibility, all of our calculations are based on the Basic Documents on Structural Safety (actions in relation to building, steel and wood) and on European Standard EN-12572 regulating the design and manufacture of climbing walls.


Our materials are tested and developed to resist the strongest climber. All of the points where we install a climbing hold are in line with the EN-12572-3-2017 standard


Superficie 2D y 3D

The panels can resist the impact of a climber in accordance with the EN-12572-1-2017 and EN-12572-2-2017 standards



The Artificial Climbing Structure (ACS) is calculated with finite elements software, using linear calculations with beam elements.



If your Artificial Climbing Structure (ACS) requires a foundation, we will develop it in accordance with the EUROCODES, just leave it in our hands.



  • Highly qualified technicians in engineering, architecture, vertical works and the assembly of structures.
  • Compliance with European UNE-EN Standards:
    • UNE-12572-1, UNE-12572-2, UNE-12572-3 Climbing Structures (2017 Version)
    • UNE-15567-1, UNE-15567-2 Acrobatic route at height
    • UNE-1176 Playground equipment and surfacing
    • UNE-1177 Impact absorbing playground surfacing
    • UNE-353 Lifelines
  • Eurocodes
  • Technical Building Code:
    • Basic Document – Structural safety (actions in relation to building, steel and wood)
    • Basic Document – Safety in use
  • Quality Certificate by the Valencia Biomechanics Institute. Tested in Artificial Climbing Structures and in holds
  • Civil Liability Insurance of up to €1,202,024
  • Facility maintenance service and certified by competent technicians.
  • Advice on Occupational Risk Prevention by a company unrelated to Shaperwalls.
  • Registered company in hazardous waste

3D designs

Any project or idea that you can imagine can be created virtually with the best and most realistic results.


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