Climbing Walls

See our range of products, discover their differences and select the product that best adapts to your needs.


Climbing Walls

They use safety elements

Climbing walls are fixed or portable climbing structures that require the use of safety elements such as ropes, carabiners, harnesses, etc. Their terrain simulates that of a real mountain, with the benefit of being able to practice this sport without leaving the city. We can also install climbing walls in sports halls.



They use mats as safety elements.

Boulders are climbing modules generally made from small pieces and at a low height, with a maximum of 4.5 metres. Bouldering walls do not require safety elements such as ropes, harnesses or carabiners, in this case we use a mat, or even water.


Portable Climbing Walls

Enjoy climbing where and when you please

Portable climbing walls are the best solution if you want to offer climbing services as a leisure activity or offer a different activity at schools and/or summer camps. Portable climbing walls are adaptable in height and difficulty.

Do you want to design your own climbing wall?

Write to us and we will design your own customised climbing wall. We will advise you and, together, we will find the best solution.


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