About us

Innovative company in the design of artificial climbing structures and adventure areas. Our team is formed by climbers with degrees in engineering, architecture, design, construction, welding, carpentry, etc., all with technical qualifications.

Our job, our passion

Our experience in the world of climbing walls is well-established within the sector’s leading companies. We have developed some 400 projects on the five continents, managing all project phases, from the initial design to the opening and management of the facility.


Pedro Antonio González Sánchez

Managing Director at Shaperwalls. Technical Engineer in Industrial Design by the Polytechnic University School of Málaga and the Polytechnic University School of Milan


Diego Moreno Peral

Architect by the School of Architecture of Seville (ETSAS)


Eduardo Padilla Ponce

Workshop manager at Shaperwalls


Francisco Gallegos Sánchez

Official installation technician at Shaperwalls


Damián Granados Sánchez

Official installation technician at Shaperwalls


Juan Jesús Pérez Reina

Expert in welding

Our offices

At ShaperWalls our facilities are fully adapted to each process.


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